Bamboo Hideaway

  • Special Guests at The Bamboo Hideaway

    Austin, TX is a kick-ass city. The Bamboo Hideway is a killer place to stay!
  • Up and Running

    Wowza! We have been churning and burning in regards to wrapping up the construction and decorating of this container project. Matt had his open-hea...
  • May 2019 overview

    Six months in to our Bamboo Hideaway adventure and we're cooking with gas. We have cleared property for campers in the back and now begun the container home build. Tight budget and also both working full time with kids and a side hustle yoga and oils business. Here's a status update!

  • Bamboo Hideaway - the beginning

    This summer I got inspired to look for property on The Colorado River. I love to be on the water or be near it and this is a river town. My thought...