Bamboo Hideaway - the beginning

This summer I got inspired to look for property on The Colorado River. I love to be on the water or be near it and this is a river town. My thought was that if something was meant to be, I'd know it. And so it was.

Found a gorgeous 2-acre spot in town and a nice and narrow plot that went right to the river in the middle of toen! The 2,000 square ft house up on the gentle hill that makes up the entirety of the length needed a great deal of repair. Try as I might, I could not convince Matt it was the one.

I envisioned people staying overnight to hang out in Bastrop. There really are not a lot of places for kayakers to camp, after all. It would have needed a 10 - 20,000 dollar dock before that could even be feasible.

And I heard Tom Petty's Wildflowers when I first stepped onto the residual concrete slab in the middle of a gorgeous wildflower patch where I envisioned a yoga class on the middle third of the property...but, this is not a music video, it's life and it wasn't a fit.

Instead, we were called to another property which was an established Air BnB closer to Austin, off the main highway. I already miss my river but do not miss river laundry and I was initially put off by the location. It's an intense highway.

Upon a second visit, the traffic sounded more like white noise and the 17 miles from Austin location appealed to me a great deal. I have been drawn to events at Circuit of the Americas, McKinney Roughs, Lost Pines Hyatt, Lost Pines Zip Line and NLand Surf Park. I love the cultural options downtown Austin provides.

This property is spitting distance from all of those things and certainly close enough for someone who might want something a little out of the way for Austin City Limits or SXSW.

After much back and forth and concern that it wasn't going to be, it happened. We celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary on the weekend of the move. Turns out it's an especially tough time of year to move with school starting for kids and teachers, but we're adjusting better every day.

Today, we celebrate three months of living at our new Bamboo Hideaway. In this time we have put gutters on the house, installed two rain barrels, made an initial grass planting, cleared a half a mile of underbrush for a camping area and trails. We also installed a 20' by 25' concrete slab for entertaining, yoga and anything else we decide.

I am going to purchase a composting toilet (with plenty of sawdust, masks and gloves) and also a privacy shield. Let's be real here. No one wants to dig a hole.

This property is currently all about location, location, location.

We've got a good bit to learn and a whole lot to do, so we're starting scared and we're starting right where we are.

We are live on HipCamp and Facebook. Please show us some love and support and LIKE the Facebook page and check out and favorite the HipCamp listing. You never know when you might need a great and convenient place to stay just outside of one of the fastest-growing cities in the States!

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