May 2019 overview

What a difference a couple of months makes! We have a ridiculous amount of progress we could document here, but the beauty of being pretty busy with teaching and working and tending to the property is that we have to get right to the point of things.

We now have two containers on site. Joe is working swiftly on the build-out of the first container. The other one is being used as our storage space and Matt's workshop, so Matt has been diligently clearing out the storage unit we had to get for a 6 month period when we moved here in October.

Joe was great to break this job down into manageable chunks for us in terms of getting things done on a tight budget. He's enjoying this work to create a portfolio piece, so it's been fun to talk through things. We know he is vested in a good outcome here.

It has been a bit of a meditation to watch this hill transform. Each day there are a few decisions to make and progress to observe and it is exciting. The energy on the property feels so good that we all just want to hang out here.

I have gone ahead and moved the Friday evening session of yoga out here since it is outdoor season. I have not yet brought a following here, but I have plans to visit the neighboring subdivisions. I want to do this in a respectful way, but I have ordered another road sign that can help direct the traffic in various locations. It's tricky to navigate multiple locations and weather, but it's my business and I have to build it *for ME.

Picking out the paint color is quite challenging since we will also need to update the main house and the Oil Shed, but I think we may finally have it. It's the aspiring blue. I am going for a Robin's egg blue. We'll paint the house a grey with this color trim.

Matt has found some stillness on his mower and also hanging out by the firepit and watching the chickens. Our Patty (replacement for Patti) has now gifted us with two dozen small eggs. She is up to one a day already. Dolly is still too young and Johnny (misnamed Willie at first) is kind and protective of his girls.

And...BONUS...I think we have an apple tree!

There is so much MORE to share, but if I wait until everything is perfect, I may never post! For now I will leave you with a picture of our Panda cat in her natural habitat.

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