Up and Running

Wowza! We have been churning and burning in regards to wrapping up the construction and decorating of this container project. Matt had his open-heart surgery in June and Joe got busy with a full-time job and we had some delays. Heart valve replacement is a big deal. We chose to give it some healing time.

As soon as we could get a hold of it, everyone got scrappy and focused and we got it wrapped. We all pushed and pulled until we got it up on Air BnB. That somewhat incomplete listing went live on September 22!

We were so busy hustling that we never even posted pictures here as we completed areas, so allow us to indulge a bit to catch everyone up to speed.

This weekend we hosted our first three guests in one fell swoop.

We had Chris and Eve in from San Antonio for a show at ACL, Tamar and Sam on Saturday for another music event and Mark and his dog popped back into Austin Sunday night.

Not too bad -- we found it pleasant to see who might arrive and it was fun being open to meeting people who will stay in your home. It's also fun to see who wants their privacy - we totally enjoy both types - we ARE both types of people ourselves.

Now we will take our time for a deep clean here mid-week and ready the place to open our doors to Patty for a three-day Austin City Limits Music Festival weekend celebration! It's really fun to get to see people having such a good time enjoying this great city and its energy. I have certainly loved it so. I feel a smile come about as soon as I see that skyline!

Feel free to spread some news about our little Hideaway! We want everyone to know about it and share in the fun!

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