Focusing the Lens

  • One More Light

    Music is my lifeline to the divine essense.  I connect to myself through music. I know that I must have been a musician in another life, I love and...
  • Flexible Molds

    My wish is that we can help Evan arrive at a place where he has some of those same CHOICES. Even when I am choosing to not act in certain ways, I feel the separation...the "other"-ness, so I always want him to have what he needs to bounce back from that feeling of being excluded - of feeling different. I understand also that feeling excluded and actually BEING excluded are not the same, but perception is critical. I am sure that if my perception is deemed to be "off" by others that he will struggle in that area as well.

    Communication shifts and changes AHEAD!
  • The Clearing

    Today it started with this:

    "Can I have a 20-second hug before I get out of bed?"

    "That would be quite alright with me. Clear some space beside you, I'm coming in!"

  • Thankful

    We find ourselves in the beginning of Thanksgiving Week -- wherein the public schools of Texas have made this very important family time last all w...
  • God's Time

    Almost nine hours in a room with Evan's team and lots of paperwork. It was a two-binder day. :) I was kinda pleased with myself back at E's MDR whe...
  • Ordered

    Finding appropriate services takes time, patience and a good bit of money, it turns out.
  • Schoolyard "Games"

    The schoolyard has changed and it's ugly.
  • Compulsary Attendance

    It's kind of better when I stop thinking about the fact that our son is NOT ATTENDING SCHOOL right now. It's unfortunate and I sure wish on so many...
  • Check your lens

    WOW. What a difference a week or two can make. As soon as this "inciting event" (reserved for private discussion) began on the Thursday evening bef...
  • Turning Point

    When I look into my mind for my words I see them in a pile like laundry hanging down -- dripping like Dali's Persistence of Memory. When I call mys...