We find ourselves in the beginning of Thanksgiving Week -- wherein the public schools of Texas have made this very important family time last all week. With no Fall Break here like we had in Tennessee, I am so very grateful for this time.

These three fall semsters here in Texas have been so challenging. I had THREE ShOCkTobers upon moving here (in years 17+ of a whole career of this!)...One gets so tired come October, once they really understand what they are dealing with in their classroom and what the rest of the year will entail.

I am in a unique situation, in large part due to the events that transpired with Evan, to have made it to November this year and not actually have an idea of what my year will entail. I made it out. I am now in a neighboring district that is larger, more sophisticated and responsive to the needs of both their students and their staff.

Soon, Evan will be among them as well.

Y'all -- it's public school in a major city. It's never going to be perfect. We're not talking about Shangri-La here -- we all understand that. BUT -- we just want a place where forward movement happens. Where divergent thinking is not only celebrated, but truly HEARD.

We are currently in talks with the Associate Director of Special Education for the district. She is checking to determine if the school we have selected will be able to provide the services that our fella needs. This is super tricky without a current, viable IEP.

A draft of that is something I will be trying to work on over this "break." I will be pouring over the report from his testing psychologist and transcribing the hints she gave into actionable steps so it translates right into his classroom.

The fun thing about these diagnoses, especially THIS ONE, is that they present differently for each person and thus, an IEP is truly an INDIVIDUALIZED Education Plan and you can't just grab one off the shelf.

Fortunately, I do have a few resources from this ordeal that will set us up well to create a draft, at least. But...I AM the parent, not the special education professional, so already I am concerned about how I am choosing to participate here, but I certainly am not pleased with how things turned up when I didn't take a chance of stepping on toes...

Life with Evan has been a little calmer these days. We are tailoring his supplements to work more effectively for what he needs while we are awaiting getting an appointment scheduled with a new psychiatrist. We do not yet know if we will have a pharmaceutical medication prescribed -- or if there is actually anything that might relieve his discomforts. We just know that we must explore, so we will be doing that just as soon as we can.

He has been visiting with Josie about once a week. Twice a week is the maximum he can tolerate counseling, but we're hoping for a social skills group once a week so we're holding a space open for that. Talking to Josie allows him a third party perspective and it's been a life-saver.

It honestly did not occur to me that Evan would be withholding things from me. I think probably every kiddo could use an unbiased guide through life. I will not let this lapse again. In fact, we'll also need to look into a family therapist. I'd like something cutting edge like a "hiking therapist" or something, but it would be good so that we can discuss how we are all so intricately connected.

I am also interested in looking back to cranio-sacral therapy. I believe it could still be of great benefit. I also wonder if involving a neurologist is in order.

It's a lot of new material to think about. Truly overwhelming if I allow it to be. Good thing that I mostly don't allow it to be. I am keeping the printer stocked with ink and paper and printing the relevant materials and adding them to the super-organized binders. 

And honestly...this is without yet investigating the pages upon pages of recommendations. I am grateful to be doing very important work that also doesn't take me down with it. I can show up and be present without leaving myself on the floor.

I come home and I can be enough. I can remind about making the bed. I can ever so gently bypass a meltdown after I reminded him to hang his clean clothes and pick up dirty ones off the floor and deliver them to the hamper. He is NOT interested in a chore chart. Drives me crazy...he did discuss the possibility of post-it notes though...

And I have enough energy and brain space to create the post-it notes to help us reach our goals.


We've got this.

And for all of it, I am thankful.






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