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This fall brings exciting changes in my teaching routine. After a year of holding three evening classes a week, I am directing the flow of my energy to more workshops and specialized training. I am working diligently toward earning Embodied Yoga Principles certification. I have posted a little information about it right here just a few notes back. Upon completion of my second workshop in September, I will make my application. It has opened me to my patterns in a way that is non-threatening, but absolutely transformative.

It feels very much like the "cherry on top" of a lovely layered tiramisu-inspired treat of self-care and emotional regulation tools on my dessert tray. I feel complete and confident in a way that has been unavailable to me my entire life. I can manage the chatter in my mind and I can consistently assess life situations while in the moment and draw upon infinite wisdom of the ages to proceed.

Embodiment IS Life.

A little back-story about the changes in the direction of my business efforts...

April 2018 certified YT

May registered YT

June Backyard Yoga at Nature's Divine x 3 days a week with severe weather location at Still. Bastrop

October - May Still. Bastrop x 3 days a week

When the weather switched to more temperate for outdoor practice, I didn't want to lose my beautiful indoor space but I wanted to honor the previous relationship. So, I moved two of the three classes from Still. Bastrop, while keeping one there as the Tuesday night class drew a steady group. The Sunday Family/Community class moved back out to Nature's Divine, where Amber offered space a year ago and the Friday class shifted to out on the pad at The Bamboo Hideaway.

June Sundays at Nature's Divine
Tuesdays at Still.Bastrop
Fridays at Bamboo Hideaway

I was listening to words of wisdom that suggested that I should make my business work for me and having class on my property at the end of a tough work week sounded perfect. This was part of the long term plan that I decided to allow sooner.

The Friday class began to pick up momentum and though the Tuesday regulars never followed me out there, they were still coming to the studio on Tuesdays. Sundays drew a client and her son from when we were outside in that location before and a new Friday night client and her two daughters. The mosquitos were challenging but we hadn't quite thrown in the towel.

I kept my main focus on tending to my husband's open-heart surgery. About two weeks after the surgery, I was informed by Still. that they would no longer be renting space to independent practitioners, that my next week's class would be the last.

I grappled with the abrupt end of my Tuesday class and then a week later, Avery McKay Salon burned down. Nature's Divine has been temporarily relocated and I just hear the Universe say that I can let the Sunday class go also and just hold HAPPIER HOUR every week at my house.

And so it is. One class a week.

It has been nice to have a little more time to create instead of traveling to and from classes.

This summer, while we had our container home, The Bamboo II, built on the hill, I have reorganized the prayer shed, also known as the OIL shed and now it is nothing but CARRIE-LAND. My 9-year-old niece actually said something to that effect while she was visiting with us.

SO...I will offer shop hours on Fridays before and after I have class.

I had been considering how I might expand yoga and mindfulness offerings in other venues, even at my public school job, so now I have the time to pursue whatever comes up for me.

So far, it has looked like creating offerings such as Email Coaching, 1 & 2-hour video coaching sessions, and writing my first online course and getting back into writing. All of those things sound and FEEL very exciting for me!

I will need some beta testers for my first course, but it is beginning to take REAL shape. I have the outline complete and I am just scripting out some of the videos to ensure I hit key content and I will likely shoot the video portions in the next couple of weeks. Because this is a moonlighting thing for me and I have my full-time job in public education, my production schedule tends to be more fluid.

So, as with everything else...all in good time. It all plays out as it should. The teachers arrive when we are ready and the opportunities come and go and all serve their own special place in our path to our greater good. I have nothing but gratitude for what is on my path.

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