Are ya listening?

I first heard this song 5 years ago in conjunction with a VERY special group of women in an online community established in support of Stephanie Bennet Vogt's A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back online program through Daily Om.


Definitely changed my life, I shared it far and wide. The video is absolutely stunning so I was able to justify showing it to my 9th graders when I first was grooving on it.

It's my main go-to. It is the church, it is a prayer.

I was called to it again today...and yesterday. 

Nahko's entire catalogue is inspirational, but I see this as his Magnus opus. A masterpiece, truly.

Lyrics here if you like...


I saw this image in my feed this morning. I wanted to be sure the writer got credit and so I share my screenshot instead of the downloaded pdf without any watermark.


A beautiful poem by an Irish writer this week.

This week in an embodiment circle training call, when asked how I am doing, I responded, "I am well because I do not expect that today is what I thought it would be yesterday."


We know what we are for. Talk to me below - what are YOU doing where you are?


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