Daring to Lead

Many of you know that I appreciate the heart and work of Alex Myles, a UK writer of the book, An Empath. I've been reading it and looking through it for a couple years now, but it is truly one of those such intense reads that you have to take a pause.

Like this cycle I have been in over the summer...so much PAUSING required...Yesterday was a rare "black" new super moon

And today...is August 1st. NEW and fresh...

So much resonates there for me. I'm not a huge horoscope follower, like a routine, but I enjoy following along with moon cycles and am beginning to learn more about our planets and their patterns. In doing so, I learn about my own. I have been feeling that rebirth was coming. The ache in my bones and in my hands tell me so.

It's Back to School time. This year I will celebrate 20 years as a classroom teacher. Ten of which were glorious, ten of which have been fairly bumpy. With the proper alignment (my 2019 word was ALIGN), I will be SEEN for the gifts and talents I bring and the next doors will open as intended for my greater good. Thus far, my leaderSHIP in administration has not set sail.

Most importantly, I am digging deep this week and deciding to use those gifts despite this. Honestly, a part of me feels like I am effective in the classroom and I am kept there because we need compassionate caring teachers so I sometimes want to hold back and be seen a certain kinda way that I think will be received better...how often do average teachers get promoted? Y'all hear the truth here, don't act like you don't. :)

So...I am digging, y'all. It was a tough summer and I learned so many things...many of which I will have to save and share at a later date and many that I am sharing along the way. The work we do in public education is daunting and exhausting. I have thought about my future students all summer long and how to reach them and provide for them in the best ways I can.

As always, what is most important to me is that I touch their hearts. I meet them as the people they are and see in them the people they want to become. I am a facilitator, a coach, a guide. I cannot and will not do it for my students, but I will direct and redirect as many times as they are willingly asking to take their skills further. I can choose to show up for this work.

Thankfully I continue to be well-resourced with Daring to Lead. I adore my Brene Brown also, you know, and I got to see her speak in Austin last fall. Her Gifts of Imperfection was my first dive and I just fell in love. Her TED Talks have now been seen by everyone and she even has a Netflix special. She is so accessible and still as much or more important and relevant as she was when I discovered her many years ago.

Teachers, she has our backs. Check out this amazing FREE resource. A support system.

I'm ready to lead. Right where I {still} am.

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