Go placidly

I was recently led to this poem again due to a difficult conversation it was necessary to have with a friend and colleague. While I was discussing the series of events with my mother, I shared a line from this poem. Coincidentally, the exact same line that I found it so funny that my friend Dianne seemed to be ignoring in her love for the poem and what relationships she was in pursuit of.

Ah, judgment. Our own relationships are through a different lens than those of others. We can share how those differences impact us. We are NOT the right flavor for everyone. One who is LOUD to one may not be loud to others, but Walt Whitman said "Dismiss whatever it is that insults your own soul."

LOUD and aggressive people tend to insult my soul.

I called Walt Whitman a "different kind of 'tranny'" - it was fun to talk about being at Walden and walking among burial sites of some amazing thinkers of our time. On a trip to visit my parents when they were living in Massachusetts led us to Sleepy Hollow, Emily Dickinson's home and Walden... I have both Walden and Leaves of Grass still in my collection after much culling through the years, so perhaps they make the cut for reading this summer. Or maybe at least one of them. 


What does it mean to "Go placidly..." 

Now that I reflect about it -- as I become MORE emboldened and embodied in my own purpose...as I gain clarity and strength and support around my own empowerment and VOICE - I also become LOUDer.

I simply have to stand back and watch. Simply speaking at all is not necessarily screaming, though to the wrong people, perhaps it always is.


I remember not believing my mother when she told me that boys were often intimidated by a pretty girl. I'd have had an easier time believing that it's other girls who are. People are also resistant to those who bring up unseen triggers...


(don Miguel Ruiz)



What does it all mean?

I am 32 flavors and then some...funny this one STILL resonates after all these years...


Monday evening was my first small group call for a 9-week training I am pursuing. There was a big connection point at the tail end of the call which ignited an email exchange of epic proportions wherein a LOT of stuff is coming up for me.



We shall watch it unfold together. 


Are you with me?



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