Learn to be Still

What a thought...everyone stops and sends just ONE message.


"People move the virus around. People stop moving and the virus does too."


Just say HELL NO to easing restrictions.


Y'all wanting to "get back to normal" sound like me when the medicine started working...oh, I don't need this, I feel fine.


I just wanted to get back to "normal."


Normal was crying jags that lasted HOURS, even days. Sometimes it was pages and pages of swiftly written words, others it was miles and miles of walking in my "Jesus shoes," those beautiful leather sandals from Mexico I bought on credit during a reward trip.


I take a lot of time to see my place in this world. This world is not my home. There is a lot about how things were that was outdated and ready for a pendulum swing. We have to be honest about that. 


Every time I write I share MORE of my story to MORE people. I am not ashamed of what I experienced. I refuse to feel diminished by what I was not privy to.


I was not taught emotional regulation. I did not learn about friendships or positive socialization. I tested gifted but I was never clear about what my skills or talents actually were. I did not have access to my testing results.


Typically, those labeled as gifted and talented have an exceptional ability for something. Might be a lot of things. Many people never develop their passions because they do not have the necessary guidance.


Often, these exceptionalities are accompanied by deficits in other areas. Perhaps the intellect can grasp something but the spirit is not evolved to integrate it...


Can cause some hiccups...

I have much MORE healing to do, but I know now to "stay on my meds." 


Maybe your meds are Zoloft, exercise, reading, Epsom salt baths, yoga, cycling, essential oils, meditation or whole foods, nature and healthy mental diets...maybe it's all of them...you know what you need to do to be well.


Just like everyone knows that we are killing ourselves by moving about. I was killing myself by walking and walking and spinning and spinning into knowledge about myself that I was not ready to learn. I worked myself into a tizzy and did not know how to unwind.

I am still learning.


The time has never been more critical to "Learn to be still."


(And if you love music and want a related listen...)


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