Rejoice | Prayer

Yesterday, I got back to my recording of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. I recorded "On Prayer." It moved me. I was then led to read from The Little Prince and was also so moved by passion and love and spirit.


And now, to share this with you.


This morning in my sacred time I arrived at this video serendipitously as I do not have a long-term solid relationship with YouTube recommendations since my account was "KID-HACKED for YEARS." I have never heard her speak though I have read a quote or two.

This video is worth the time.

This one's me, sharing On Prayer


And as some icing on the cake, I'd like to premiere the first music video I have edited since my Super-8 project in college (The Duckhill's, "I See Red," which I will also work to get uploaded soon).

This video features the camera work of two of my former students, sound mixing by another, beautiful choreography and dancing by my student, teacher and friend, Rachael as well as one of the most lovely, soul-wrenching performances by the lovely, Julien Baker, a friend to all of them, and myself.


"I think there's a God and he hears either way"

And JUST FOR FUN... here's a BONUS recorded on my phone at Julien's CD Release Party at Amurica in Memphis TN.

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