The in-between times

My first delve into this new writing idea of experiencing my life exactly as I choose to experience it -- in all my awareness -- and presence -- my embodied self -- is the idea of being in-between. It keeps bubbling up for me...

My personal lesson or growth spiral truly decreases diameter as the years roll on...The in-between times are happening seemingly ALL THE TIME. I am in a state of constant "leveling-up." It's a great place to be.

But...only once you learn to embrace it instead of resisting it.

Yes. Change truly is constant.

Nothing is certain, but change.

The map is not the territory.

It's the journey, not the destination.

It's the climb.

Back to my breath. Over and over and over and over and over again. It is bliss. It is samadhi.

It IS heaven on earth.

blissed out in San Marcos 2018

This is my favorite passage by Robyn L. Posin -- I originally saved it on a blue index card that I have kept for 25 years -- it led me through college, life changes, milestones, my marriage ...everything. It also led me back to her to connect on Facebook personally. I keep coming back to an in-between time so often the older and older I get.

In the "feeling stuck" times: when it's no longer possible to be as you were and not yet possible to be as you will be… Berating and badgering your self only make the between-time more trying. Remember to ease up, be patient and tender with your self, rest and trust that, deep within, the new growth is germinating! The next step always unfolds when you're fully ready for it!"

I cannot, at this time, place my hands on that blue card. I shared it with my husband since he is in a time of great transition himself, having just had open-heart surgery, after a decade of knowing it was coming in due time. I was able to look up the exact quote on Robyn's website and actually read more of the original writing than I had ever read before. PERFECT, and right on time ... Again.

Robyn is one of my biggest mentors and I am right now reminded that I should save a few dollars and engage in working with her since I actually have a chance. Do enjoy this sentiment from her -- she is truly lovely and so spot on.

Robyn L. Posin on the "stuck times"... the "in between."

Did that resonate at all for you right now? Can you remember a time when it might have? What strategies do you find help you stay right here, right now?

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