Weekly update 1

Every morning I wake up a different person and it's noticeable to me. Today, I am resolved to move more past my grief and also my anger to fuel some additonal task-tending, including nurturing my aching heart and connecting with my most embodied expression of myself.

I was set to take the boys over to my friends' property to work in the garden for a bit. It's a project that was already in motion, yet the turn of events with the virus make it an act of survival. the rain will delay that, but it will happen. We seem to have time that we never had before.

Do I think it will get so bad that we have to rely on our own farms? Nah, probably not, but I want things to change. I look for us to emerge on the other side of this willing to help one another. Focus on the little folks in our lives -- do business locally - for real.

We stop shopping at the big box stores with everyone and their brother (and 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon) and we go back to mom and pop, or sis and brother's offerings. We return to nature and relish in our outdoor offerings. This is the way Matt and I have chosen to live and this seems to just be a faster track to get there.

I am nervous and scared. I have allergies and am so concerned about touching my face and the phlegm and my grandmother who has a very serious lung condition and also my mother, who was on a respirator for seven days just over a year ago.


This is A LOT to take in. It is okay to be overwhelmed, just don't stay there. Imagine yourself exhaling the tension OUT of your body. Visualize it floating away and melting into nothingness. There is no need to try and control what is happening. It will just bring you strife.


Be sure to take a moment every day to sit in your breath. Invite in on your inhale anything you need more of right now. Exhale and release, really imagine it happening - your sorrow, anger, regret, and shame. Allow each inhale to go deeper into your belly that the last. I like to place my right hand on hand on my chest (heart) and my left on my gut to send healing energies and thoughts and to track my breath.

Allow yourself to be still and stay in this place as long as it feels comfortable to you.

There is an audio of this meditation here, if you would like to use it. Please let me know your thoughts about it as I feel led to share portions of my journey through this life, while we're here.


I dunno if you have noticed, but the world just got FLIPPED upside down. I am feeling grateful that I set about making positive changes in my life to be ready for such unprecedented (but not really) times...
The shape of my online presence is shifting and while I am very proud of the first book I wrote (when I made the aforementioned changes), it is time to write those that come next.
If you know the story of I Wanted More Than This, then you know that I started an online blog but kept it private and only met a community online. THIS time, I started the blog, While We're Here, to chronicle my newfound peace a while back and shared a little about it.
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A place of connection to remember who we are while we're here.
I'm also shifting to FOCUS the Lens on my children's educational needs, especially in light of the drastically changing landscape for American education. I am poised to make a real difference here.
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I am looking to Focus the Lens and hone in on the developing challenges in our educational experiences right now and I wanted to create a space where ...
You might also suddenly have some time to read this memoir with resources, so download it while I've got it on sale. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by this sudden reset. My book is truly a good place to start. I can also mail you a printed copy.
I am stepping into the arena like I never have before and you can too. I have limited availability for email coaching and video sessions, but reach out if you are interested and we'll see if the time is right.
I have spent a good bit of time feeling that I am missing my calling but I tell you what, nothing could be further from the truth. I know that this is what it was all for...I am scared and pissed and sad and inspired...and I am all of these things at once.
You probably are too.


Join me each day at 3:30 using this Zoom link for my While We're Here Embodiment Circle.

And sign up here to join in the International Embodiment Circles, with over 80 sessions in 18 different languages. I'll be hosting one for Kids and teens (aged 11-18) on Sundays 1:30 CST.

Talk to you online!

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