What a Title!

Yesterday I helped a childhood friend in setting up her blog to assist parents in homeschooling their children during this extended time away from schools. I have a raspy voice, from what I believe have been allergies, so I did not want to talk on the phone. I know that we need to communicate during times like these. I am an educator and I have been looking to move content online for quite some time.

Helping her was aligned with my vision of who I am becoming. Not who I am...we are all constantly evolving, just like this pandemic. The last lesson I had in person with my students was writing about their identities. I suppose they will have much time to ponder those essential questions.


So will I.


I participated in an international embodiment circle yesterday evening via Zoom, in fact. But I AM sparing my *actual voice for now. I have been experiencing Austin allergies for my first time and, actually, it was the absolute worst time for such. A runny nose IS safe, but take care of yourself and hydrate.

I am playing host to a Kids and Teens Embodiment Circle Sundays at 1:30 CST! Starting ASAP. My mentor, Mark and his team are on it and I will let you know the details as soon as I know. It is supposed to be by the end of the week and he is no slouch. I am going to be setting up a practice Zoom using my personal account to practice before using his pro account. Join me!


I am also "conditioning" my hair with natural oils and not washing it, nor am I putting on any makeup. It's the first day of our Spring Break and while this is the first time in many, many years that I am not clinging to these days like a breath of fresh air, I would be happy to feel a sense of a limit to the vacation.


I woke up between 2 and 3 am again. For some reason, I decided to get up. My anxiety is on high-alert. I have not followed the news in some time as I became so mistrustful. I am struggling to know what to feel right now. I am at once breathless, calm and grief-stricken. I don't want to miss a minute.


I'm listening to the cars on the main thoroughfare between Houston and Austin and it's a mad dash already right at 7 am ...what will reveal itself today? The COVID count in Austin has doubled as expected, as it has everywhere it has arrived. I have watched the postings of people I know to be to truthful, honest and effective stewards of information say that this is not to be taken lightly.


And so we don't. Lucas, who just got his freedom in the way of his Jeep, just had his last public outing. I didn't want to let him go yesterday to be honest, but I have had a lifetime of people telling me I over-react. Does some damage and makes it challenging to discern the truth from the bullshit. Good thing I have been practicing trusting my gut.


I created this blog some time ago to share my mindfulness journey. I spent years in hiding and in many ways, I still hide out to this day. But, I am actively working to change that. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways. I am holding space for all of you as you grapple with what to do right about now as well.


You know, while we're here.


I think we are all looking to figure out how to make ourselves okay right now. We are still expected to and have a need to enjoy our love and life WHILE WE'RE HERE. So, I will start an embodiment circle of my own through my group, called, I wanted MORE. In fact - changing the title of the group to While We Are Here right now.


Go check it out and join me. This is the most open invite I have ever extended! Please head over and let me know what time this week will be best for a chat!


I guess it took Corona to get me to open up, after all. Ah, the irony. 

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