Compassionate Connection with Youth: Covid through an Embodied Lens


10 weeks ago I JUMPED HEAD FIRST into an opportunity through my teacher, Mark Walsh of The Embodiment Conference. It was an adventure into online, international, embodiment circles for youth. Having just offered an in-person program here on my property for those seeking connection and skills in regulation that was shut down due to our suseptability to this virus, it seemed "meant to be." 

The circles felt so on time. I was joined by my amazing Embodied Yoga Principles colleague and friend, Sarah Martin, of Homebody Creative at the co-host helm each week. Fellow yoga instructor, educator and special education department chair, Tammy Edwards, led movement | mindfulness. Our guests Erin Hickok played Cards for Connection games and David Brown led us through seasons in our bodies.

I led poetry writing exercises and we laughed, learned and were inspired. Sarah led beautiful Embodied Yoga Principals sessions and I think I led a meditaion, too.

This is a second video I created to describe the circles - it seems to have had a different feel than the first one - as each is tailored to the guests who are in attendance.


This coming 5 weeks (May 29th -June 27th), I've gathered an even larger team of education (secondary and higher ed), psychology professionals, youth workers, caregivers and parents to do this work with me in sessions aimed at determining non-violent communication and embodied yoga and other creative methods to CONNECT with YOUTH.

Sign up for the ONLINE embodiment circle using the link here.



Teenagers living in this 21st century world full of distractions need time to center and ground. Join us as we taste bite-sized embodiment practices we can digest.

In the midst of this crisis, we can still access calm and connection right here in our original homes - our Body. And we can do this in community with each other.

The Embodiment Circle online - Parents | Educators & Caregivers features a gentle movement practice suitable for all ages and bodies, a simple meditation, (approximately 15 minutes) and a facilitated sharing (about 40 minutes). Host will introduce practitioners and go over details of the call of features of Zoom and then we'll all mute our mics and get into the circle.

All are welcome to participate in any and all portions of the class in ways that are comfortable to them. We desire to offer choice in all activities, as we know that many people will need some adjustments for safety and comfort. This event is free for all. We encourage you to invite your loved ones to join you in this circle dedicated to feeling and sensing into our bodies, learning relational communication skills and sharing about connection to youth.

Come one, come all.

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