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E mail coaching
3 email volley (1 per week) = $55

5 email volley (1 per week for 5 weeks or a second email per week for two of the three week session)

Got a crazy busy schedule? Email coaching may be right for you. You send, read, and reply to messages at your convenience. I will deliver individualized, well thought out responses, complete with resources for you to follow-up further, if appropriate. I will typically reply within 24 hours.

One-on-One online video coaching

(one one-hour chat for $75)

Let’s meet face-to-face in ZOOM or via Skype to talk. We can begin to sort things out and come up with suggested action items. You can take it from there and check back in if you want to or we can schedule another meeting to give you ongoing support, chart your progress, and figure out what’s next.

Rescue session

(two-hour online video chat for $125)

Upgrade to a one-time, two-hour, “let’s get down to business” brainstorming session via online face-to-face chat. In this communication, you have a specific situation you want to address and get concrete action steps to move forward. You’ve got a problem. I can help.