Yoga Events Calendar

All current Embodiment Circle themed offering are listed below. I hope you'll explore all of them for your best fit. I am hosting or am co-host on three:

Body Positivity - Deidre Keating, Carrie Paulo, Sarah Liljegren


9:00 pm Central/3:00 am UK

Are you seeking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your body, beyond what it looks like, and beyond what external perceptions may say? If you are learning to love your squiggly bits, your dangly bits, your whatever bits…this is the group for you! Let’s be in awe and appreciation of our bodies, as we emerge from several weeks of slumber, inactivity, trauma, and survival, into a new season. Let’s give thanks to our bodies for all they do.

Embodied Creativity - Sand Ra & guests (e.g. Anja Sophie Boorsma, Allie Middleton, Liz Peters, Dave Rock, Carrie Paulo, Hanna Suvanto) (possibility to host another circle, maybe just on writing?)


11 am Central/5:00 pm UK

Embodiment meets creative expression. Space to explore different ways of how can we use our body as a source of inspiration and creativity and find new ways to express our thoughts and our emotions, through writing, visual art, and movement.

More Embodied Adolescence - for Parents, Caregivers & Leaders of Youth- Carrie Paulo, Renee Weintraub-Kalandar


9 am Central/3:00 pm UK

How can Caregivers & Leaders of Screenagers navigate this strange new social culture almost exclusively online? How do we help them stay connected to their bodies in such chaotic and hectic times? What ways of being feel best as we move through this shared experience? How can we grow ourselves in these ways and make our shares with the teens in our lives more authentic and meaningful to them?

Embodied Spirituality - Amy Christensen Pennington & Carrie Paulo


5 pm Central/11:00 pm UK

This is a secular group exploring movement practices that deepen (any and all) spiritual practice. We will play with contraction and release to explore themes of self-will and surrender. This circle is for anyone interested in embodying greater empathy and compassion with otherness.

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